One of our latest glass installs in Knoxville, Tennessee


The goal of Royal Glass & Greenhouse since its inception has always been: Customer Service... with a “little extra”.

We welcome and thrive on repeat business,  as any business does.

The Royal Difference in our philosophy is that we treat each job as if it could be our last, providing you each and every time with:
• Our Excellent Quality
• Our Excellent Service
• Our Excellent Installation

We never  take you, the customer, for granted!


The Royal Difference

Royal Glass and Aluminum is a Commercial Glazing Contractor covering 42 states throughout the USA. 
The "little extra"?  We are staffed and equipped to provide on-site field measuring. Our crew returns to your job site in 10–12 days with your entire project, completing the installation 1–2 days after we arrive on site (depending on job size). 
You (the General, National Account or Architect) are then ready for your subcontractor finishes to be completed. By closing in your project with the frames, glass and entrances, you will be able to have your interior sub-contractor finishes completed sooner. Royal Glass and Aluminum's efficiency can save you approximately 2-3 weeks total time on the project. 
Because of this,  you will provide for your customer, the opportunity to open their business earlier due to the "Royal Difference" which other glazing contractors cannot provide.     

This is savings for both you and your customer